There is now a fitness class for women, called Reclaim Fitness, intended to help pregnant and postpartum women do just that.

Toni Kornegay, sports specialist with the Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation, said it’s important to have this class for women who will or have had children.

“It helps them to focus on preparing for birth as well as helping them to recover quicker afterwards,” she said. “It is also great that women can have an environment that feels inclusive to all women no matter what stage they are in.”

Military spouse and instructor, Julie Denny, said fitness has been a huge part of her life and when she was pregnant with her third daughter, she began having issues that most women experience from having children. However, no one really had any advice for her on how to keep working out.

“Doctors were kind of telling me to stop what I was doing, and it was something I’d have to live with forever,” she explained. “So, I explored my options, did a lot of research and that’s how I found pregnancy and postpartum athleticism. It’s a great certification that I have that goes over how to … really work on that pelvic floor, diastasis and hip strength which is really important for all female athletes.”

She said the class will challenge those who participate because it challenges the stigma that cardio is the best workout for women.

“There’s just that stigma that cardio is best and as women we kind of shy away from lifting weights. In this functional strength class I am going to challenge you and you are going to work with weights,” she said. “We’re looking just to build overall strength and that is important now as moms, but also longevity with bone density and just overall health.”

Denny said serving others brings her joy and sharing her passion for women’s pre and post natal health is the best way for her to do that.

“This is how I’m able to serve others, especially mom’s who have pain or have issues that come with having babies,” she said. “I try to give back and help them reclaim their fitness. That’s where the name came from. Redesign, rebuild and reclaim - that’s our stages and how we approach fitness. I love being able to hear women move without pain. I love seeing women being able to pick up their kids and have fun and play at the playground and they’re able to do that without any issues.”

Denny ensures the class is welcoming to all women who are interested and she encourages anyone who is interested to come.

“The hardest part is getting your body through the door,” she stated. “Once you come, you’ll see the smiling faces. You’ll see the other moms and you’ll just really be able to understand what it really entails. I am able to tailor workouts to any fitness level and any needs. If you are the beginner, that’s fine. We’ve got a workout for you. If you’re the advanced gym-goer there’s something for you too.”

Even if a woman has had children years ago, they can benefit from participating in Reclaim Fitness.

“Pelvic floor issues don’t usually come about or show until we are older,” she explained. “The pelvic floor is a muscle so if we work it and we use it, it’ll stay strong and you will then eliminate those issues. So, it doesn’t matter if you had kids recently, you are pregnant now or you had kids 20 years ago. You can start at any time.”

The Reclaim Fitness Class takes place on Tuesdays at Applied  Functional Fitness Center at 9:00 a.m. cost is $3 per person.